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    Monday, September 4th, 2017
    8:35 pm
    Full name: Michelle Webster
    Fandom: Highlander (tv series)
    Alias/Nickname: Michelle, 'Chelle
    Character Journal: http://michellewebster.insanejournal.com/
    Age/Date of Birth: Born 1977. Died 1995. Real age: 40 (apparent age: 18)
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Occupation: World traveler. Waitress. Bartender. Cook.
    Species: Immortal
    Creature: Dragon
    Abilities: She is an Immortal, one of many who live amongst the billions of mortal humans. She is unaging, never appearing older than she was when she died. She is immune to disease, and can regenerate from any injury, even lethal ones. She may appear dead for a short time, but will eventually revive, whole and uninjured. The only thing that will truly kill her is decapitation.
    Played By: Gabrielle Miller

    Appearance: Michelle is a young woman not yet out of her teens, with long brown hair and brown eyes. She is heavier than she was at 18, but it's all muscle. When it's not concealed by loose fitting slacks or long sleeves, her strength and athleticism are obvious.

    She's never unarmed if she has a choice. In many places being visibly armed is cause for comment, if not illegal, so she tends to keep her weapons out of sight.

    Personality: Michelle is mouthy (she likes to think 'witty'), and full of pop-cultural references. On the surface she's a typical teenager/young adult, but a watchful individual will notice that she, too, is watchful. She always knows where all the exits are, and where everyone else in a room is. She will go out of her way to avoid conflict when possible, but if pushed into a corner, she can "flip the switch" to ruthless violence in an instant. She's a killer. She doesn't like that about herself, but she owns it. She has no patience for cattiness, bullying, and other social dominance games--when you've had to physically fight for your life, lesser forms of intimidation leave you unmoved.

    She seldom lets her hair down, especially amongst strangers, but when she feels secure enough she can be quite a hedonist.

  • She's very good at fighting, either unarmed or with weapons.
  • She's also good at sneaking around, picking locks and other thiefly skills.
  • She'd like to live her life free of the Game.

  • She's terrible at close relationships. Sex? That's easy. Emotional intimacy? Not so much.
  • She's not good at being social for long periods of time. She needs her alone time.
  • She's terrified of making a mistake and getting one of her few friends killed.

    History: Michelle, a foundling, was raised in Seacouver, Washington, by adoptive parents who loved her. She was a typical teenager, albeit with a taste for wild parties, booze, and drugs. She fled in the family car after a terrible fight with her parents, and died in a single-vehicle crash from a combination of alcohol and emotional distress. She woke in the morgue with family friend Duncan MacLeod standing over her.

    He helped her slip out, and explained her condition to her. She saw only the benefits of immortality and ignored his warnings and his attempts to teach her to fight. It was only after she was kidnapped by and then rescued (again by Duncan) from another Immortal that she realized how completely her life had changed. She regretted her last, awful words to her parents but couldn't ever apologize to them or lessen their grief.

    Duncan realized he wasn't the right teacher for her, and turned her over to Amanda, a 1,000 year-old friend of his. She spent nearly a decade with Amanda, first as her student and then as her partner. She learned everything Amanda could teach her, and plenty besides--Amanda had many, many friends with a wide variety of skills, and she made a point of seeing that Michelle learned as much as possible from all of them. And when Amanda saw that she was ready...she pushed her gently but firmly out of the nest.

    In the decade or so since, Michelle has come to know that Amanda was right, though she felt betrayed at first. Her apprenticeship was over. She was a journeyman now, and journey men...journey. The first time Michelle fought another Immortal, it was terrifying beyond words. Though she survived as much by luck as by skill, she did survive--and no other battle would ever be as frightening. She has fought and killed others since. She's run from still others; survival is her only goal. She fights when she must, but she has no ego invested in this so-called Game.

    She has a sizeable nest egg courtesy of Amanda, but she has left it largely untouched. It's for emergencies. Her only permanent home is in New York City, where she is always welcome to resume her job at one of several five star restaurants. She'll work for six months, accumulating a small fortune in tips from the well-heeled clientele, then vanish for another six months while she travels the world, occasionally taking odd jobs to see her along. When she's ready, she returns to NYC to start the cycle again. It's not a long-term situation, but she's not bored with it yet.

    She was in London, sword in hand, facing another Immortal. He was tall, broad, and faster than he ought to be. He was also persistent in his pursuit, and oddly gentlemanly; he'd allowed her to pick their battleground when she accepted that she couldn't lose him. Their blades had not yet clashed when the world swam around her, then fell away, and she woke on the Island....

    Couple of Random Facts:Michelle is left-handed. She doesn't like coffee.

    Name: Mark
    Age: I am well over 18
    E-mail: mark.sinanju@gmail.com
    Do you use a messenger? Aim? Gmail?: No
    Time Zone: PST (Oregon)
    How did you hear about us?: I got an email from Dawn.
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